Skin Laxity & Volume Loss

Skin Laxity & Volume Loss

Facial aging is multifactorial and associated with loss of youthful volume and contour as well as facial descent and hollowing, largely resulting from fat atrophy and concomitant fat redistribution. Further contributing factors include changes in bone structure, depletion of collagen and elastin, and gravity, while environmental factors (sun exposure, smoking, etc.) mostly accelerate the process. The aging face is ultimately genetically-influenced but universally characterized by hollowing eye sockets and temples, flattening of lateral cheeks, nasal folding, downward turning of corners of mouth, thinning lips, and sagging jawline. Multiple non-surgical treatments exist to restore facial fullness and lift and tighten skin, while supporting the primary objective of balancing facial fullness to naturally exemplify anatomical youthful features.

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