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About Us

Skin Savvy Rx. South Tampa’s Finest MedSpa.

“We want our clients to have such healthy, clear skin that all they need is sun screen and a little accent makeup. We look at what we do for the face as ‘art,’ just a different medium.” – Toni Sloman, MS, ARNP-Owner

Skin Savvy Rx is an extraordinary boutique medical spa in Florida that caters to a very loyal patient base. They work solely with the face, providing a full menu of services from injectables, fillers, lasers, and skincare.

What sets Skin Savvy Rx apart?

We are passionately committed to patient care. This is not just lip service but a guiding philosophy for the whole Skin Savvy Rx staff. We understand that there is a real emotional component to this kind of care. With a compassionate approach, our clients feel good about what is being recommended, and because of this, we develop ongoing relationships with the men and women who come in.

We take the necessary time for each appointment to provide the ultimate patient experience. No rushing. More time means more elegant results and less discomfort. “You can’t rush a procedure and have it turn out with the best results,” says owner, Toni Sloman. “Time is the secret ingredient.”

We do a detailed assessment of each client, not looking to over-treat but instead to build a plan that starts off conservatively and then builds toward the patient’s goals. We know how too much at once can overwhelm and create a negative experience. “I treat conservatively at first,” says Toni. “I can always put more Botox in; but I can’t take it out.”

Our experts have a wide range of experience. Skin Savvy Rx is made up of highly trained, skilled, and compassionate professionals. We have providers of different focuses, skills, and ages to cater to the specific needs of each one of our South Tampa patients.

We educate our clients about how the facial muscles work, issues around skin, and much more. Skin Savvy Rx believes that informed patients have much more confidence in the process and will develop good skin habits in their daily lives.

We take special care of clients, realizing the damage that Florida weather causes. We know first-hand what the Tampa sun can do to a person’s skin. Our goal is for each patient’s skin to look naturally beautiful and remain healthy in this often harsh climate.

Ready to speak with one of our experts?

Give our office a call today at (813) 870-9000 or fill out our online contact form to request a personal consultation at Skin Savvy Rx in South Tampa.

Tampa, Florida | Skin Savvy Rx | Boutique Medical Spa

Tampa, Florida | Skin Savvy Rx | Boutique Medical Spa