Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen

What is fibroblast?

The Plasma Concepts’ Plasma Pen is the world’s leading German made device in non-invasive fibroblasting sublimation treatment, suitable for targeting lines and wrinkles, loose skin, stretch marks, and pigmentation, and complete resurfacing. The nitrogen plasma energy we create through Plasma Pen transfers rapidly to the skin’s epidermal layer while simultaneously, heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. In doing so, we intentionally create a dual zone of micro-trauma which comprises a superficial zone of outer thermal micro-damage to the epidermis and then, simultaneously, a deeper zone of inner thermal modification within the dermis – especially to the fibroblasts. That’s why we often call the treatment “fibroblasting”.

How do fibroblast treatments work?

As we age, our dermal layers thin out, less collagen is produced & changes in the scaffolding of our skin cause it to wrinkle & sag and to lose laxity & texture. The plasma pen device encourages skin tightening using a continuous direct energy source; we ionize nitrogen & oxygen in the air to create a plasma gas. During the procedure, a tiny plasma flash is being discharged from the tip of the Plasma Pen handpiece. Results improve significantly over the coming months.

What are the fibroblast advantages?

Plasma treatments deliver a brighter, more contoured youthful appearance with minimal downtime. The results of the treatment are virtually immediate and incredibly long-lasting without the need for fillers or surgical correction.

Fibroblast is the world’s most advanced non-invasive, skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing, scarring and regeneration treatment on the market today. Fibroblast dramatically improves skin tone, brightness, laxity and texture and spectacularly lifts and tightens loose skin. The extensive dermal and epidermal remodelling stimulate (which includes neocollagenesis, neoelastogenesis and neoepithelialisation) leads to a dramatic reduction/elimination of photoageing and superficial wrinkles, the partial to complete elimination of medium-depth wrinkles and a marked improvement, plumping and softening of deep wrinkles.


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We require that all patients interested in Fibroblasting with Plasma Pen, set up a complimentary consultation with one of our advanced Plasma Pen providers. During the appointment, your provider will evaluate your skin, go over your concerns and questions and determine if you are a good candidate as well as provide pricing. Due to the customization nature of these treatments, your provider may suggest adding additional areas to improve your results.

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